About us

We sell no-­nonsense household goods: Where do you get a plain white plate and some cutlery? What about a tap swirl, a scrubbing brush or a plain mug? Carbolic soap anyone? Soda Crystals? No frills, no fancy prices.
We are an independent housewares store in Brighton’s North Laine. Some say we’re the must-stop-shop for straightforward household stuff. We have a huge run of stock – some from well-known family-run factories and some from smaller makers. And some made by us.
We sell household things that are designed so well that there’s been no need to change their format in many years, or ever. Think of Duralex glass or Silvine stationery : Simple, cheap, and good.
That’s why our stock seems comfortingly familiar and looks good in every setting.
Win, win.
The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

If you want a helpful, independent and very friendly local housewares shop but you can’t get here utilitygreatbritain.co.uk is the next best thing. We want you to enjoy mooching about the website like you’re in the shop.
And we’re always on the end of a phone if you need us. 01273 626222.