We have a denim apron, a traditional navy butcher’s stripe apron and a plain white cotton apron.

I very much like our denim apron. I live in mine. In fact I can’t seem to start the day without it on. Made up North – properly. Heavy weight denim with a large patch pocket in front. Buttons for adjustment (none of those maddening fiddly buckle/ring things). The waist tapes are very long so you can either double them up and tie at the front or if you are a tad broader they will still tie comfortably. They are shorter than some aprons – that’s just personal preference (77cm long by 75cm wide). Might not be right for you. They come with an neck strap extension for sharing your apron with a very tall person. There are also some pics showing mine in its current state. This is what they look like if you wear them 48 hours a week for three years and wash them about once a month.

The Butcher’s stripe apron and the plain white cotton apron are, how to put this, cheaper. They are good basics for those who don’t use them often or will trash them beyond belief (past washing). Slightly longer (knee length) than our own brand denim one, but without an adjustable neck strap. The white one has a pocket but the butcher’s stripe one doesn’t. But they are an amazing price: Striped is £6.95 and the white one is £4.50. I think that’s all bases covered then.



  1. Melanie Metcalfe

    on looking at your fab apron, I think alot of people , like me, would love one in the condition yours is … i.e. distressed like you buy jeans … just saying …

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