Bon Ami powder cleanser


America’s original natural home cleaner… And this is what they say:

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser has been a household favorite since 1886, largely due to its effective, nontoxic formula. Our powder cleanser excels at cleaning everything from dried-on food to scuff marks and is gentle enough for most hard surfaces.

  • Nontoxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural soft abrasives (feldspar and limestone)
  • Absorbs odors
  • Effective on kitchen, cookware & bath surfaces

There are two choices:

Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula (340g)

Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula “Hasn’t scratched yet”®. The easy-to-shake can contains gentle feldspar abrasive for polishing and soap for cleaning all hard surfaces. Use to defog windows and mirrors. This is the only Bon Ami powder that is recommended for use on glass (except auto glass) and it is amazing at cutting through grease on glass oven doors.  It will be your best friend around the whole home as it cleans and brightens painted woodwork and cleans metals to a high shine.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser (400g)

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is a general use powder that is suitable for use on cookware, stainless steel sinks, bath tubs and basins and tiles. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is biodegradable, free of chlorine and phosphates. The Original 1886 formula is less abrasive but contains tallow so they brought out Bon Ami powder cleanser which contains no animal products (so vegan friendly).

Both types of Bon Ami contain no chemicals known to be sensitisers and so they’re kind to sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

We’ve even made a little video for you to demonstrate its effectiveness: