British Brown Betty teapots


We are listing these as British Brown Betty teapots because it’s a really big deal that they’re still made in Stoke-on-Trent. As you probably know, we’ve all but lost the UK’s ceramics industry and just a handful of excellent craftspeople are soldiering on producing these traditional (and frankly the best) teapots.

We stock the three sizes: 10 cup, 6 cup and 2 cup and we also do their VERY cute covered sugar bowl.

This is what they have to say about Brown Betties:

  • The red clay only found in Staffordshire retains heat better than any other clay, which ensures your tea will remain hot for several cups.
  • As the boiling water is poured into the Brown Betty Teapot, its rounded shape makes loose tea leaves swirl gently around, creating a perfect blend, ‘coddling’ your brew.
  • The Rockingham glaze, which is a dark manganese glaze, gives the Brown Betty its unique color and doesn’t show tea stains over time—It was a definite advantage for Victorian housewives for easy cleaning; just rinse the teapot with warm water,  after tea time and upend it in the dish drain to dry.

And you can read more here:

  • The 10 cup holds 2550ml or 90 fl oz. It measures 31cm (12″) handle to spout and it’s 19cm (7.5″) tall.
  • The 6 cup holds 1220ml or 43 fl oz. It measures 24cm (9.5″) handle to spout and it’s 16.5cm (6.5″) tall.
  • The 2 cup holds 570ml or 20 fl oz. It measures 20cm (7.5″) handle to spout and it’s 15cm (6″) tall.