Lav brush set – cast concrete


Ravishing isn’t it?  (But I hear you say for that price it had better be. But I have seen a chrome lav brush online for £120 so get over it.) You’d do have to look at them EVERY DAY. Hand cast concrete holder and a very well made brush.  The brush is synthetic bristle but the colour of natural bristle. They struggled and struggled with natural fibre but with all that submersion in water the bristles just don’t last long enough unless they are plastic. The brushes are so good we also sell them separately here.

Now here’s a tip (you’ll get a lot of these I was a cleaning lady for long enough to know)  when you have finished cleaning the lav flush the loo with the brush still in it to rinse off whichever cleaner you’re using. Tap it on the edge of the loo before you put it back in the holder to dry it off a bit.  The brush will last much longer if it isn’t left sitting in water and chemicals. If you have a white synthetic loo brush and it has gone yellow (eeeewww!) that’s because it’s been sitting in bleach.  So rinse it.


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