Le Parfait clip top jars


Le Parfait ‘Super’ air tight clip top jars.  Perhaps the best preserving jar there is, but more often than not, used for dry storage. You know the drill – ground coffee, rice, sugar, cereal, etc etc.

You can completely take them apart – the seal and the metal fixings/hinge for proper washing.

Here’s the link to the spare seals if you want to replace them (when you preserve in them, they should really have a new seal each time).

  • The 750ml (about 1.3 pints) measures 14.5cm tall with 11cm diameter approx.
  • The 1.5 litre (just over 2.5 pints) measures 23cm tall with 11cm diameter approx.

We do a discount on a pack of six… see the drop down menu below.



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