Lodge cast iron skillets


Lodge cast iron skillets – blimey these are good. Made by the same people who make the Dutch ovens in Tennessee. Beautiful cast iron skillets in four sizes. The largest two have an extra handle at the front to take the weight. They can be put under the grill since the handle is cast iron too. They are pre seasoned and ready to go. Wash with soapy water but nothing abrasive and occasionally re season with veg oil. A fantastic bit of kit, guaranteed to outlive you and probably all your relatives. As Lodge say: “we don’t just make cast iron, we make hierlooms”. The more you use them, the better they get. Also great for self defence whilst camping.

And now you can buy the two largest sizes with lids. These lodge covers have little nibs on the inside surface for better self-basting. Then you can then use your skillet like a shallow dutch oven or a casserole…



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