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Plain white plate

from £5.00

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you can buy a plain white plate cheaper (if you want it made in China and not very nice).  These are Royal Stafford classic white earthenware plates. Just lovely.

This is what Royal Stafford say:

We won’t win the battle for making ‘cheap’ products but we certainly can for  providing exceptional quality, beautiful designs and durability at a fair price. We are not interested in making the cheapest products we can, we’re interested in creating beautiful items for the home that will be treasured and used for generations. We believe in beautiful design and excellent quality with the added bonus that all of our products are Made in England!

The dinner size plates measure 27.5cm or 11″ across, the salad or side plates measure 21cm across (8″) and the cereal bowls are 17cm (7″).