Seagrass matting


The loveliest flooring for anyone not wanting a hard floor, but not wanting carpet either… Woven seagrass matting is  really forgiving, lovely looking and easy to live with. Daily crud falls down through the gaps and they’re easy to lift and sweep underneath (or ignore). They feel lovely underfoot and you can leave them as a free standing mat of put several together to ‘carpet’ a whole room (you can separate the squares and rearrange).

For anyone old enough to remember, these seagrass squares have been around for a very long time indeed (see pics). When things have been around that long, it’s a sure sign that someone has hit ‘design gold’. Everybody loves ’em.

Enjoy the picture of the mouse hole.

We have two sizes: 6x3ft (180x90cm) £40 and 7x4ft (213x122cm) £50