Silver plate teapot


It’s been a while since we had any of these beauties. Here we have (like an auctioneer) a small number of vintage silver plate teapots for one. Really – we only have about eight. They’re small (see pics with hand for scale) so perfect as a one cup pot. Usually this kind of silver plate has come from hotels, sometimes shipping lines and very occasionally, the MOD. They were for extra hot water to top up your teapot. The holes in the handle are thoughtfully put there so you don’t scald your hand picking up the hot teapot. And they pour like a DREAM!

Vintage really means second hand, as you know.. So they will have been a bit, er, ‘loved’. A few scratches and a little bit of wear, but that’s why they look so good.

So if you’d like a bit of Bertie Wooster in your life, do get one of these while they last.