Stacking storage baskets


Getta loada these stacking storage baskets!  Not only do they stack, they will nest inside each other AND there’s an optional lid (one size which fits both the medium and large baskets)which doubles up as a tray or makes the larger ones work as side tables.

They have fold down handles so they can be used as shopping baskets, picnic baskets or totes.

Made in Japan, they will be a game-changer if you’re having a sort out. Oh my life! How we spoil you.

We have them in grey and mustard yellow (which look great together if you want to mix them up) and there are three sizes:

Small:W315×D198×H150mm (5 litre capacity)

Medium:W420×D350×H250mm (23 litre)

Large:W420×D350×H390mm (38 litre)