Stainless Steel food canisters


Made by Elephant Box, these stainless steel canisters are just the job. Now we’re all more inclined to take a packed lunch to work, reduce a bit of packaging, these smaller sized food and snack jars will become and everyday essential.

Here are a couple of kinds: the first is a 300ml screw top jar – the perfect size for snacks. It has a 9cm diameter and is just shy of 6cm high. It’s leak resistant but more of that for the next one: The larger is the leak proof canister which holds 450ml. It has a removable silicone seal so you really can transport soups, smoothies and porridge without worrying. It’s airtight too so good for keeping crispy things crispy. It’s just about 9cm in diameter but 8.5cm tall.

They’re dishwasher safe and made from food grade stainless steel, which is naturally antibacterial and non toxic.

And super-handsome and they feel gooooood.

We also have stainless steel water bottles.