Travel mug


Marvellous reusable tartan travel mugs… Made from bamboo with a silicone lid and sleeve. Height with lid 14cm and an 8cm diameter.

This is what the Independent had to say about reusable coffee cups:

“Single-use” was Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2018 – and for good reason. It seems we’re finally waking up to the impact that single-use plastic is having on the planet, with documentaries such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II serving as a rallying cry for us to clean up our act.

Takeaway coffee cups form a significant part of the problem. While you may assume that they’re recyclable, most single-use coffee cups contain a thin plastic lining.

So there you go. And we give you a very traditional, nay, old-school design reminiscent of ‘The Beano’.