Utility Enamel Toilet Brush Set


You’d be amazed what a perk-up some new bathroom accessories can be. The Utility enamel toilet brush set is made to our own spec for your pleasure. Yes, you gotta look at ’em every day. So get a good one. They’re great-looking and easy to clean. This toilet brush holder is made from high quality enamelled steel. In terms of hygiene and practicality, there’s nothing better. Enamel was always used in hospitals because it’s easy to sterilise. It’s 22cm high with a 12cm diameter. Probably the best lav brush holder in the world….

The brush is wood with natural stiff plant fibres and it’s quite large! The bristle head measures 11x9cm. We recommend keeping these as dry as possible (not sitting in water) between uses.

There’s a choice on brushes see separate entry for polypropelene – click here. If you prefer the way natural fibre looks, but would like a longer lasting brush, this one might be for you.

Check the drop down menu for your choices.  You can buy the lav brush holder on its own too.




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