Weck Carafe


Weck glass from Germany is like Le Parfait glass from France…. an institution.

Their carafes are are probably the most popular and practical choice for water. The larger one holds just over a litre (2.2 pints in old money) and are 25cm high. The smaller one holds half a litre and is 18cm high.

Here’s a top tip from a customer: If your cat or dog likes a sneaky drink from the glass of water by your bed at night, use a carafe instead: They can’t get their snoots in! Foiled.

Of course you can put whatever you like in them (Weck describe them as ‘Saftflaschen’ that’s juice jars) and if you need lids we have them. But Weck are clever and practical: Both carafe sizes have the same neck diameter so one lid fits all…. just give us a call or drop us a line.