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Chantry knife sharpener

Chantry knife sharpener

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I CAN'T STAND BLUNT KNIVES. There, I feel better now. Woe betide any holiday lets that do not provide a knife sharpener. That's a holiday-breaker. Squashed tomatoes, not sliced? What's that about?

So if you are no good at wielding a chef's steel, this is the safer and more reliable way to do sharpen your knives. These are UK, nay, Sheffield-made by Taylor's Eye Witness and this is what they say:

About the Chantry* sharpener: At the heart of the machines are two small butchers' steels, the same hardness, temper and cut as a professional steel. The steels are pre-set at the optimum edge angle and are spring loaded so as not to damage the knife. Just run any knife blade between the steels four or five times and your knife is sharpened.

The lovely, heavy, cast housing will hold the sharpener steady.

Taylors Eye Witness have been making knives for over 150 years in its Sheffield factory and are the last remaining manufacturer of knife sharpeners in Sheffield, the original city of steel.

BUT. If you don't have the space, we also have the 'Original super sharpener' which will fit in your cutlery drawer or hang up out of the way. It works on the same principle but you have to hold it steady yourself. It has single crossed steels, not double like the sprung Chantry version.

*I am guessing the word 'Chantry' is to do with the crossed over steels like the roof or a chantry?. Answers on a postcard as usual please.

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