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Saucepans stainless steel

Saucepans stainless steel

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Are your saucepans a bit, erm, tired? Need some new pans but don't want to get them from the 'zon? Maybe you're just missing a size? Try these beauties: made from heavy gauge stainless steel, with a comfy handle (if you need a saucepan with a heat proof handle, try these) and a great pouring lip. They come in three sizes 18,16 and 12cm.

We're aiming to use more and more smaller factories and firms, closer to home, so we know what's going on in each item's production. These pots are made in Spain by a family-run firm (the contact at this company is a lovely woman called Nuria who has promised to teach me Spanish). And smaller firms are worth supporting - "use 'em or lose 'em".

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