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Stanley Thermos Flask

Stanley Thermos Flask

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The Stanley Thermos Flask or 'The Legendary Classic Bottle' say Stanley on the label. This is their beautiful .75litre thermos flask. Apparently, amongst other things, it's survived 4,000ft drops, -70 degree wind chills, category 5 hurricanes and my favourite, 'speeding bullets' (that's handy).

Hot things are kept hot for 20 hours and cold too. Iced things for 4 days... (I haven't tested that one yet).

Beautiful with a hammered green finish, a pouring spout closure and of course, a cup.

The Stanley Thermos Flask is leakproof and dishwasher safe. And it will also tap-dance on request.

Holds 750ml and is 29cm tall.

We have an equally handsome water bottle too.

And you'll never clean it out properly unless you get one of these absolute wonders: the water bottle brush. It's a must.


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