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Autosol metal polish

Autosol metal polish

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"The Original and the Best".

The ONLY metal polish as far as we (and my mum) is concerned. But don't take our word for it:

"Autosol removes corrosion, tarnish and discolouration from chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper. For cars, motorbikes, boats and home. Reduces blueing on exhausts. restores and polishes to a brilliant finish. Protects against corrosion and tarnishing. For last care use regularly."

Most people's introduction to the wonder that is Autosol is from some kind of petrol head. Car-ry people. Bike-y people. But anyone who likes their front door brass shiny... get some. You no longer have to steal it from your dad's garage.

Speaking of shiny, did you know (I always wondered) just how the front door at No.10 is just so mirror-finish shiny?They cheat! Downing Street has two front doors, one is always in the spray shop. If you spray it like a car, no wonder it looks so fabulous. I'm not sure, but they probably use Autosol on the fittings, maybe.


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