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Biscotti pan

Biscotti pan

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Oh how fancy! But it's just the name - the shape you need for those, but it's a great pan for all round use, tray bakes, brownies or just storage. 

USA Pan make these beauties, from their patented corrugated design. This means your biscotti (ahem) or whatever will 'release' really easily. Also helped by the amazing non stick coating which will clean up in a trice.

The surface ribbing is also all about heat distribution. USA Pans will give you really crispy biscotti (or should that be crispi biscotti 😂).

These would make a great present for any foodie friends. So far, we're the only people in the UK with these. Nah-nah.

The inside dimensions are 14x20cm and they are 5cm deep. So quite long and thin.

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