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Carpet sweeper

Carpet sweeper

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Look at this! The new carpet sweeper might be the most exciting arrival this year.

It's not just a gimmick - IT REALLY WORKS. And prettier than a new car! Come on down and take it for a spin! The pick up on them is amazing. 

Some call vacuum cleaners Hoovers, and some call carpet sweepers a Ewbank... (who are still producing carpet sweepers). But not in Spain! These are made by a family run firm in the north of Spain and they are marvellous. In case you're wondering, carpet sweepers in Spain are  called an 'aspiradora mecanica'. Which is why I wished I had learnt Spanish. Everything sounds better in Spanish.

If any of you are too young to be familiar with these, look at the pictures of the underside to show you how they work: there are little chambers where the crud collects. Press the black buttons on the top and they will open so you can empty them.

Thanks for the pic of the gorgeous rug @janefrancesdeans


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