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Champagne flutes - six

Champagne flutes - six

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As the lovely Lester says at every opportunity: "CHAMPAGNE! CHAMPAGNE!" So I like visiting him then.

If it's that time of year and you might be thinking Champagne-y thoughts we got some Champagne flutes in... You might have some, but not enough for that last minute get together.  These are good-looking but tough and are priced so that if you don't have room to store the extras, they're inexpensive enough to recycle after Christmas or New Year.

They hold 22cl and are 21.5cm high... An important measurement since sometimes they don't fit in the cupboard (maddening) and worse than that - any taller and they won't FIT IN THE DISHWASHER!

Champagne cocktail:

"The traditional way to do it is to saturate a sugar cube with Angostura Bitters, then top it with your favorite brandy and sparkling wine. When the Champagne is poured, the sugar dissolves and creates a beautiful fountain of bubbles in the flute. It's quite the spectacle and your guests will love it."

If you drink this at lunchtime, best change the name to "The Dresden" you will be good for nothing.

If you don't have a dishwasher, you might need one of these.

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