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Clothes airer wall mounted

Clothes airer wall mounted

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Praise be! We got a new supply of the 'Ruckzuck'. These wall mounted drying racks are beautifully made from aluminium and coated steel so they're strong (they hold 20kgs) yet light and won't damage your clothes. Made in Austria and rated for both indoor and outdoor use. They come with a fixing kit which, as long as your walls will behave, is very simple (really).

And a wall mounted clothes airers are a no-brainer if you're short of space. We have three widths available depending on how much space you have (I know someone who has two side by side! Fancy!). Or you could have one indoors and one outdoors! Perfect if you have a balcony.

There are three widths available all with seven rods:

  • 60cm wide = 3.8m drying space
  • 100cm wide = 6.6m drying space
  • 120cm wide = 8m drying space
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