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Cobweb broom

Cobweb broom

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This is a must for high ceilings and stairwells. No more ladders! The extending cobweb broom has a much firmer dusting action than a feather duster (those are better for sissy new cobwebs and delicate dusting). These bad boys are for the really sticky, Hammer-Horror webs.

The cobweb broom head screws on to either of these handles and it measures about 35cm wide by about 30cm high.  So add 30cm to the handle length to find your full reach/length. The bristle is firm but soft horse hair.

There are two handle options 

0.75 to 1.35 metres

1.50 to 4 metres! Yes, four metres! See pics. With this handle, theres' a connector between the screw on brush and handle which will angle if needed. 


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