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Cork placemats

Cork placemats

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Cork placemats are the best! On a bare table I like a placemat, not for fanciness but because your plate just feels a bit more 'grounded' and like it won't slide around. Cork looks (and is) so functional.  It's heat proof, it washes well, it's durable and it's such an honest material.

So we have rectangular and round placemats and round 'heat' mats (which are slightly thicker) for putting your hot casserole on the table. And we've just added round coasters... by popular demand.

The placemats come packed in sixes and measure 28x20cm or 22cm diameter for the round ones (and 5mm thick). The round heat mats (20cm diameter) come packed in pairs (10mm thick) and the coasters are packed in sixes and are 10cm diameter...


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