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Dish drainer by Delfinware

Dish drainer by Delfinware

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We are excited to tell you about these dish drainers made by Delfinware in Kent... Yes, Kent. Their very high quality wireware kitchen storage is just the best. We have coated wire or stainless steel, but more of that in a moment.

We've been hunting around to find the ultimate dish drainer/plate stand/drying up thing for ages. These fit the bill: the sizes, the quality, the finish are all better than we've seen for a while.

We have two sizes and a few colours:

The first is a very dinky compact drainer which measures 25x32cm and stands 9cm high. It is unspeakably cute and we have caravanners and camper-vanners in mind with these... Available in grey or red.

The larger one measures 32x37cm and stands 10cm high. They come in red, grey or stainless steel.

You will notice a BIG price difference between the coated and stainless steel dish drainers. I don't want to bore you, but it is important to understand the difference between chrome plating (a shiny coating) and stainless steel (an actual thing) at this point - here's an excellent link.

Lastly I just want to tell you that David was putting more of these out on the shop floor and was commenting on how lovely the red one was: "I don't know whether to put these out or kiss it".

We also have plate storage stands here.

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