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Duralex 'Versailles' glass mug

Duralex 'Versailles' glass mug

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Duralex Versailles glass mugs... what else would you drink lemon tea from? Actually you can have a regular cuppa just as well. Both the clear and the smokey are the same size: 26cl - a little smaller than your average mug - 9cm high 7cm diameter. And they stack! As with all of the Duralex range, these are tempered glass (very tough), dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. And made in France.

Work your way up to the more advanced/challenging smoked glass mug: You know that game where you try and guess the person from a comparison with an object - for example if they were a car what car would they be? Well we have been playing the game the other way around:  If this mug was a person who would they be? No question Gareth Hunt. I have such affection for these smokey mugs. They remind me of my Auntie Trish and the early 80s. Think it might be a criminal offence to drink anything other than Mellow Birds from them.

Enjoy Gareth not enjoying the many takes of a Nescafe commercial:

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