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Espresso maker for induction hobs

Espresso maker for induction hobs

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This coffee or moka pot can be used on all hobs including induction. Also known as stove top coffee makers or espresso makers.

For those who like an espresso rather than a filter coffee, you'll be needing this.

If you're not familiar with moka pots or how they work, you could do worse than read this.

We stock two makes of these. This one is more expensive than the others, read on to find out why. If you'd like a workaday aluminium coffee maker, click here. They're great as well, just more, er, mass produced.

These coffee makers aren't made in China. They are part stainless steel and made in an excellent family-run firm in Spain.

The manufacturers had a quandary:

Espresso or moka pots are traditionally made from aluminium.

Aluminium doesn’t work with induction hobs. You need stainless steel for that.

Stainless steel is expensive these days, so what to do?

The makers halved the cost by making the top half from aluminium and the bottom half from stainless steel.

Bingo!  And beautifully made in the north of Spain.

This has a coffee tamper (see pics) included and an anti spatter gizmo on the 'fountain' part.

We have all three sizes now: 9 cup, 6 cup and 3 cup (that's espresso cups or shots).

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