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Half pint dimpled beer mug

Half pint dimpled beer mug

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Dimpled beer mugs aka a panelled tankard: After tea (Yorkshire strong no sugar full fat milk) the best drink in the world is half a bitter top. And if possible in a dimpled half pint tankard thank you. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it. These of course, make perfectly good glasses for water, squash, ginger beer or whatever. Come to think of it a ginger beer float would be delicious in one. (that's ginger beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream). Nowadays, they say it's the thing to have mulled wine or cider in,

For some fascinating reading about beers and ales generally take a look here. and some lovely illustrations too.

So you know they hold a half pint, but that's about 300ml in new money if you need to know.

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