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Honey dipper

Honey dipper

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The honey dipper, AKA, Honey dripper*, honey wand, honey thing... We are asked for them quite a lot, so we got some... I resisted for years because I agree with what the Serious Eats website says about them:

"I've actually wondered about the use of honey dippers too; does anyone actually use them? My honey-removal tool of choice is a spoon, which, conveniently, has many other uses. The use of a honey dipper appears to be limited to being dunked in honey.
You have done well for yourself, little wooden honey thing. I suspect you have a kick-ass publicist, since NOBODY ACTUALLY USES YOU."
*honeydripper - Urban Dictionary1. A really, really, super sexy person. Super fine. An extremely hot person. A superlover! 2. Often used in blues tunes. Can be used to reference sex or love or a pet ...
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