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Household soap slabs

Household soap slabs

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Household soap slabs! Weighing in at 450g, they should last a while. Use this excellent soap for all household cleaning and laundry. Cut the slabs with a cheese wire or a hot knife if you want smaller pieces. Or you can grate the bars to make a washing solution. 

Green: general household cleaning and laundry.

White: the same but with no scent.

Pink: Oh yes. Carbolic. Mildly disinfecting. Make sure you like the smell first. 



Customer Reviews

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Wonderful shop full of all house hold paraphernalia. Go shop here instead of the supermarkets, better for all of us and the planet !

Ditch the chemicals and use this

Been using white gentle soap for washing clothes,amazed at how it keeps clothes soft, colour intact and machine clean. Green great for washing dishes abd the olive soap we use all the time for washing our skin and hair. Remember my granny did all this and never heard of eczema in her day. Oh and we have an organic sewage system so helps no end. Thanks from our smallholding in Wales

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