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We had an excellent gent in this morning who very kindly said "This is a great shop, the music's great and you're all loonies".

That's worth getting up in the morning for.

The Golden Toothbrush

Our brass spark plug brush was described by a little girl as a 'golden toothbrush' the other day... don't try that at home kids...

Big night?

Ice packs are back in.... TGFT.


I am waiting to hear back from my reply to this 'excellent' review from Dan offering him a replacement step stool. Enjoy:

I am 14-stone man and this stool collapsed under me while standing on it. My wife says it serves me right for being a “Two Ton Tess. I am going to repair the stool and go on a diet. Maybe the combination of the two will avoid having to throw it away.

It goes without saying that 14 stone is nowhere near heavy. Our step stools could probably take twice that weight. Must have been a duff one.

We've since had a lovely reply from Dan after our offer of a replacement. He's repaired the stool and is happy as he is. So we sent him a voucher.