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Kitchen compost bin

Kitchen compost bin

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Compost your food waste! It's all the go (in case you didn't know). You've been asking a lot for a kitchen compost bin, so here we go: Stainless steel (and rather gorgeous-looking too) with a carbon filter in the lid so the kitchen doesn't actually smell of, er, compost.

Bung in your eggshells, fruit and veg peelings, used tea bags and when it's full, empty onto your compost heap (if you're lucky enough to have one).

They're so nice looking and such great size. I am now wondering what would stop you using a kitchen compost caddy as a bathroom bin?

For now we also have three other colours and we'll stick with whichever's the most popular. One is speckly, made from coffee bean husks (of course it is) amongst other things and the slate grey/black one and the cream one are made from bamboo and resin.

It measures 31cm tall with an 18cm diameter and the base is dishwasher safe. They hold about 4.5 litres. They're approx 28cm tall and 23cm wide including the handles.


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