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Lasagne pan

Lasagne pan

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Oh... My.... Gosh. This is a hefty lasagne pan indeed. Again, made by USA Pan from their patented corrugated aluminised steel (that would be aluminium-coated steel in UK English) with a fabulous non-stick coating.

They have rolled steel-lined edges so that even their biggest pans won't warp or flex.

Of course you can use it for roasting a joint or some spuds and veg, but the handles mean it's designed to be easily carried to the table to serve up and the generous depth suggests cooking something with lots of layers in a lasagne-y way.


Inside: 25x34cm and 7cm deep.

Outside - including handles, 40x27x7.5cm

We also have Pyrex ceramic dishes and they're great, but much heavier.

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    Customer Reviews

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    This pan goes to eleven

    I bought this for giant lasagnes (and it’s brilliant for that) but then I started using it for everything else and I haven’t stopped. On Christmas Day I had to make so many roast potatoes that I needed two pans - this one won HANDS DOWN - producing crispy, gorgeous potatoes that did not stick at all, and the pan was so easy to clean.
    I’m now back to buy every other size of USA pan than Utility sell!

    Thank you so much for the glowing review.... So pleased it did your spuds justice! Thanks May!