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Lav brushes

Lav brushes

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We have two kinds of toilet/lav brushes for you. Why you may ask?

Well, the natural fibre one (the clue is in the name) is fully biodegradable - made from a beechwood handle with bassine (that's a mixture of plant fibres) bristles. It has quite a big head - diameter of 10cm.

But, as they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch: if we want natural stuff, it means accepting some inevitable degrading of the bristle after a while: The bristles on this toilet brush will soften over time and may drop a bit. But for those who like to change the brush often this is a good option. Having said that, mine's fine and I've had it for a couple of years.

If you want something that will look as good as the natural fibre one, but has a more robust bristle, then try the polypropylene fibre brush. "Oh that's great, but why is it so steep?!" I hear you say.

It is an exceptional toilet brush and they have worked darned hard on it; made from oiled birchwood.

It looks like natural fibre (black or white loo brushes are a bit creepy don't you think?) but is in fact synthetic (polypropylene).

They're tough old things and they really don't drop their bristles.

It comes all the way from Sweden.

Oh, and because you keep asking for them. That's why.

But if you aren't feeling flush (see what I did there?) just get the natural one... We sell loads of these and they're excellent. I recommend rinsing whatever kind of lav brush you have after use by flushing the brush in the loo. No loo brush can stand being left in chemicals or bleach for too long. And please don't leave any lav brush standing in water. Keep it dry between uses. Diameter of the brush head is 8cm and the total length is 40cm. If you're looking for the toilet brush holder, click here.  

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