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Letter opener

Letter opener

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Letter opener? Yes, I know what you're thinking. BUT, it does have a nice action, won't blunt your table knives, and will give you the customary neat, satisfying opening at the top of the letter, not that snaggly, ripped mess-of-an-envelope.

Do you leave your post to back-up? If you do and it becomes a bit of a dread to clear the pile, here's a tip:

Get all of the mail in a neat pile, put the bin next to you,  open ALL of the letters with your LETTER OPENER, now restack it. Now start the stack again, pulling out the contents: junk? Bin. Nice and deserves some time to read later? Pile 1.  Scary/immediate panic/pay bill thing? Pile 2. (Not sure? Probably bin too)

You will find the awful pile is far smaller than you thought. 80% will go in the recycling and you didn't have to read any nonsense. You're welcome.

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