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Lodge dutch oven

Lodge dutch oven

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If this is new to you let me tell you a dutch oven is a marvellous thing. Made of pre seasoned cast iron and can be used on the hob (induction too), in the oven, under the grill or over a camp fire, they are very versatile cooking pots indeed. Looking at them you would assume they were for stew-like affairs only but no - they are such good conductors of heat that you can brown bread in them or make an apple upside down cake. The inside of the lid has self-basting tips for recirculated the moisture if you're doing a slow cook recipe.

Comes with an ace recipe book too. Made by Lodge in Tennessee.  They've been making them for a long while now so they know what they're doing.

The 10" that's about a 25cm diameter holds 5 quarts which is about 4.7 litres.

The 12" or 30cm diameter holds 7 quarts which is about 6.6 litres


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