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Moka pot or Espresso maker

Moka pot or Espresso maker

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For some, these traditional moka or stove top coffee makers are the only way to go.  So if you want an espresso pot, we have three sizes for you: 3, 6 and 9 cup (that's espresso cups obvs.)

  • 3 cup: 175ml and 15cm tall
  • 6 cup: 350ml and 20cm tall
  • 9 cup: 450ml and 23cm tall

If you are using the smaller sizes, you might consider a gas ring reducer to minimize wobbling.

You probably know that if you're not an espresso drinker,  you can just top up your shot with hot water. Some might say that's an 'Americano', I just call it a cup of coffee. But if you would like a less 'pokey' brew, try a cafetière instead... see here.

They are really well priced yet sturdy.

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