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Paper tape & gaffer tape

Paper tape & gaffer tape

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Here are some 'junk drawer' essentials: Paper tape in two widths - 25mm and 50mm and good old gaffer tape. Most quality households are held together with tape.

So we've added these to our stationery collection. The paper tapes are fully recyclable, easy to tear by hand if you prefer, and the 25mm ones fit in a standard 'sellotape' dispenser.

The gaffer tape is the excellent Gladiator brand.... And what is the difference between gaffer tape and duct tape? According to the website:

Gaffer tape is mostly used for short term, indoor applications where low residue is important. Whereas, duct tape's strong adhesive and water resistant coating makes it extremely versatile and able to be used both indoors and out.

As the saying goes: "If you can't fix it with gaffer tape, you're not using enough."

And why is it called gaffer tape? Well take a look at the Wikipedia link here

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