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Pencil eraser

Pencil eraser

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Look at these beauties! We scored a batch of vintage rubbers - such joy in a box. Two-ended erasers with a lovely '999' logo stamped on them.

I can vouch for the white end, but I know, I know, the grey end is a little contentious: It's grittier than the white end and was supposedly for use on heavier paper (not as many of us thought, for erasing pen). Used on the wrong paper, it'll make a ruddy mess.

I read this online when I was looking it up: "When our seniors told us that the harder end of the eraser could help us correct our mistakes we made with our pens, it blew our naive little minds. We tried it and we all failed, miserably."

One contributor to the debate decided the gritty/coarse end was just the handle.

You can have one of these for 45p. 

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