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Platters and jugs - silver plate

Platters and jugs - silver plate

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Wonderful old silver plate platters and jugs.. From (we think) the Brighton Tech College that was. All of these jugs and serving plates are stamped with 'BTC'.  MPL. That's MUCH pre-loved, dinged, dented and worn in a really nice way. I like picturing that they might have been lobbed through the air at the college canteen in a food fight. 

They look modern and old school all at the same time. It was a frenzy of photography, taking pics of these - they look so good wherever you put them. 

The platters are in two sizes 25x19cm or 20x15.

The jugs are  either 8cm tall or 6.5cm.

Limited supply though. Catch them while you can. They make a fabulous and pretty inexpensive Christmas present... Or will add just the right amount of bling to a festive table. That's classy bling.

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