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Poster hangers

Poster hangers

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Oak poster hangers made by Creamore Mill. You have to try them to really understand quite how good they are. Some things look a bit over the top framed under glass. Posters look better in a poster hanger as do textiles, like tea towels ;). And please, just don't use clip frames.

They way they work is just so simple: two pairs of flexible magnetic strips top and bottom that gently sandwich/grip the poster. They're recessed in lovely oak. The weight of the bottom pair keeps whatever you're framing taught and hanging nicely.

There are five sizes:

  • 28"/715mm wide
  • 20"/510mm wide
  • 16.75"/425mm wide
  • 12"/305mm wide
  • 8.5"/216mm wide

If there isn't a width that is bang on, then choose one where the frame is slightly bigger than the thing you're hanging.... (narrower than the poster looks weird).

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