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Radiator brush

Radiator brush

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Clean your radiators or ignore? Well if you cannot stand the dust bunnies any longer, then you might want a radiator brush. Actually, we've had them in the shop for a while but we're being asked for them more and more, so here they are.

They are incredibly flexible, the wire is coated in a tube so you won't scratch or damage the fins of your rad. The bristle area length is 50cm and made from soft dark goat hair, soft enough to squeeze into the smallest crevice but hardy enough to move the dirt. The radiator brush measures 115cm in total and the brush head has a 4.5cm diameter.

They bend so well, that as you can see from the pics, we don't have to send you a silly long, thin parcel. Makes them easy to store too.

Video of the radiator brush in use to follow, when I get round to it.

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