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Seagrass matting

Seagrass matting

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Seagrass matting or rush matting. The loveliest flooring for anyone not wanting a hard floor, but not wanting carpet either. Woven seagrass matting is really forgiving, lovely looking and easy to live with. Daily crud falls down through the gaps and they're easy to lift and sweep underneath (or ignore). And it feels lovely underfoot.

Our mats come as 7x4ft pieces (each square is approx 30cm or 12" so that means they're 7 squares long and 4 squares wide) or 210x210cm. You can leave them as a free standing mat or put several together to 'carpet' a whole room. The squares are joined to each other with jute string which is easy to snip if you want to separate them/change the size of the mat. And if you want to join two pieces of mat together, you can prize the rush apart and tie with string to secure. Here's a video to show you how to join the squares together.

As a ready-reckoner, each 'square' is roughly 30cm (roughly a foot) so with use of your times tables and a piece of paper, you can work out how many pieces you'd need to fit your space... Or call and I'll do it for you (but really?) For anyone old enough to remember, these seagrass squares have been around for a very long time indeed (see pics). When things have been around that long, it's a sure sign that someone has hit 'design gold'. Everybody loves them.

Enjoy the picture of the mouse hole.

And the fabulous cat picture from @nikibest

NB - this is the only thing on the website that can't count towards the free shipping thing... So sorry... It's just too bulky to send for free. But there's a flat rate of £15, so it's not so bad....

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