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Stainless steel (sauce) pots

Stainless steel (sauce) pots

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Stainless steel saucepan? Close. It's a sauce pot! A different shape than we're used to, but try it and you won't look back. Deeper than your usual saucepan with a compact handle. It makes this pan double up as a jug and it can be put on the table without taking up loads of room. Excellent for boiling eggs because you use far less water to submerge the egg....

Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, we have three sizes 14,12 and 8cm and they stack inside each other. For use on ALL HOBS, including induction.

If you want to put the littlest one on a gas hob, it's only 8cm diameter, kind of like a mug, so you might need one of these  to steady it.

We're aiming to use more and more smaller factories and firms, closer to home, so we know what's going on in each item's production. These pots are made in Spain by a family-run firm (the contact at this company is a lovely woman called Nuria who has promised to teach me Spanish). And smaller firms are worth supporting - "use 'em or lose 'em".

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