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Stainless steel speckled teapot

Stainless steel speckled teapot

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Is this a speckled teapot first or a stainless steel teapot first? It's both, and I just can't say how excited I am about them. There are a lot of qualities in a teapot that are rare to find all at once: A great pourer, keeps the tea hot, but not the handle, unbreakable, including a hinged lid so it won't fall off and break, a lovely shape and a great colour.

These are stainless steel with a lovely brown spattered coating that makes it look like enamelware... BUT unlike an enamel teapot, the handle is hollow so it won't conduct the heat or get too hot to hold. The spout is a perfect pourer, the lid is hinged. It's perfect in every way (unless you're looking for a ceramic teapot).

We have three sizes available in black or brown.

48oz (which is about 1.5litres). 26cm from spout to handle and 16cm tall.

35oz (which is roughly a litre). 22cm from spout to handle and 15cm tall.

18oz (which is about 0.5litres). 17cm from spout to handle and 11.5cm tall.

Hand wash only to keep the coating looking lovely.

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