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Steamer basket

Steamer basket

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Have you got one of these? They're great! Turns (pretty much) all your saucepans into steamers. 

Made from stainless steel, it's 18cm wide (that's 7 inches) so as long as your saucepan's diameter is slightly bigger than that, then away you go.

Fill your saucepan with water so it reaches just below the height of the steamer's feet. Once the water's on a simmer/rolling boil, drop the steamer basket in with whatever you're steaming. Cover if you have one. Keep an eye.

They also look like some kind of satellite or space station thingy. Which is a bonus of course. If you have two minutes, enjoy the best part of "You Only Live Twice" which shows how the steaming basket works. Includes the best John Barry incidental music. Never mind the broccoli.

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