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Stork embroidery scissors

Stork embroidery scissors

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Stork embroidery scissors. They're the kind of thing you were fascinated by at your gran's house, aren't they? It's always good to have a tiny pair of sewing scissors that fit in a tiny box with your emergency sewing kit. Despite these stork scissors not being exactly what you'd call plain, they're such a long- standing design that they definitely earn their 'household essential' name.

Wanna know something about those crazy Victorians? I looked up WHY the little sewing scissors we love so much are shaped like a stork.... And it's because, according to the Antiques Collectibles Reader, "Stork scissors, used for fine embroidering and other delicate needlework, are believed to have begun as birthing scissors used by 19th-century midwives to clamp and sever the umbilical cord after a baby's birth". OK then, I thought.

I have included a picture of what those might have looked like as well... The description says "A Silver birth stork scissors, for a birth announcement and to cut the umbilical cord. 19th century.
This was placed on the chimney mantle according to tradition. So if the lady of the house was expecting, then everyone could see. There is also a swaddled baby in the belly of the stork. These scissors were also used to cut the umbilical cord after birth. The hallmark is on the ring of the scissors can stand up on the 2 legs of the stork. 14 cm in height." Sold by Van Leest Antiques... wonder how much they sold for.

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