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Storm kettle

Storm kettle

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Outdoors? Need a cuppa? Not a very patient camper? You need one of these then: Storm kettle is the generic name but you might have heard of them as Ghillie kettles or Kelly kettles too (depending on the make). These are British made Ghillie kettles (with a whistle).

The idea is that you boil water without the need for a large campfire. A short lived fire in the fire base will do (click here for the best fuel). The tall bit is a double walled chimney. The water is contained between the walls and boils incredibly fast. (that's why you don't need a particularly long lived fire). Once you have the kettle filled with water on your lit fire base you can keep the fire going for cooking etc by adding fuel down the chimney (see pic). There are full instructions in the box... reminding you of a few useful tips like don't let it boil dry.

And don't forget IT WILL GET HOT (probably also contains nuts). There are all sorts of that you can add to the set up (see pics) so you can have fried eggs etc.

They come in three sizes - half a litre (small) one litre (medium) and one and a half litres (large).

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