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Strong plastic dustpan

Strong plastic dustpan

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Strong plastic dustpan. Made in the UK!

I know, I know, everyone is saying that plastic is evil and sinister... BUT when you would like something absolutely unbreakable, enduring and light, sometimes it's the only answer. And it's worth noting that the bad guy is actually SINGLE USE plastic... I have had one of these dustpans for over 15 years now and there's not a damn thing wrong with it. So now you know. It's a free country, you can choose... we do have a metal and wooden-handled one if you prefer. It's 'open' though, like a shovel, whereas this one is 'closed'.

One last thing, please bear in mind that we get sent different colours all the time, so we can't guarantee the colour. There's a space for 'additional info' on the order/checkout page... If there's a colour you hate, just mention it there and we'll do our best or call you.... The choices are usually red, white or blue. Think Evil Knievel.

PPS, there a couple of brushes that go well with it either medium texture or stiff, for outdoor use.

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